Sheba socks blends the rich Ethiopian 3000 years of history and traditional patterns with contemporary tastes of the world market.

“There is nothing more attractive than heritage fused with modernity”

Ethiopia is a large country with each tribe or ethnic group that resides within its borders has its own styles and identities. The wide range of climates and landscape itself is a cause for the differences in attire among the diverse peoples of the country.

Ethiopia’s beautiful patterns commonly known as tilets or tebeb is embroidery sewn on the border of shemma and kemiswhich lends richness and dignity to the humblest costume. The patterns origin is unknown but it is widely used across Ethiopia, these beautiful, diverse and colorful patterns vary from region to region, some designs seem geometrical, purely fanciful forms, or classic symbols such as stars and crosses. These shemma borders vary from simple to intricate details while ranging from a few centimeters to a quarter of a meter in size.

Tilets are all derived from cultural objects or traditions, religious art and architecture sewn into clothing. Sheba socks imitate these beautiful tilets and infuse them into 5 signature patterns all signifying Ethiopian Heritage.

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