Welcome to Sheba socks!
We are Ethiopian Start- up on a simple mission: to make the finniest ancient waving and art inspired pattern socks / gifts for the modern man while giving back to the Ethiopian community and promoting Ethiopian culture.

“Stand out from the crowed with purpose” is our fashion forward motto and it has reflected on our stylish and bold socks!


We are passionate about being a quality brand that makes a difference. We believe most of us wear socks and if each pair has a positive purpose then socks will create an impact.

Hence, through our 3 pack for 3 impact campaign, we are currently supporting 3 local NGO’s working on health, education and women empowerment in Ethiopia.


At Sheba socks we wanted to create a brand that would combine style with sustainability. This led us to explore alternative resources where we came across bamboo.

Due to its huge environmental benefits and the benefits it has for you, it just made sense to make good quality socks out of this amazing resource. Our bamboo socks come with a great comfort, care for your skin and it allow you to enjoy the right temperature with no moisture, thus the reason why people fall in love with our bamboo socks.

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